by Deadlines

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Recorded over a bunch of sessions around Cardiff. Mixed/Mastered by Scott Rockingham.


released October 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Deadlines Cardiff, UK

Formed late 2013. Cardiff is for loverz

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Track Name: What We Should Do Is...
This town is dead, they've got their eighteen percent. Given up on even trying, seems as if we've all gone astray. And if I had to choose between being dead and thinking like you there's no need to flip a fucking coin. If you say you're realistic one more time I'll dig my own grave. Seems like turning away is becoming a disease and you're spreading it the best you can.
Track Name: Mirrors
Is this the price of convention, cause all I hear is people going deaf. We're so desperate for attention, shitting on the little we have left. Why aren't we sick of being dragged along these roads. Wasting everything we never owned. Heads in the sand, we'll be ok, and we're as good as dead if you're leading the way. So can you define success? I'm trying to prove a point and I'm just hitting a brick wall.
Track Name: Sand
I can count the days left on one hand. Keep trying to drown out all this noise and I'm left not able to breathe at all. There's no room for improvement when you're buried in sand. I'm getting reckless, so fucking restless. Maybe if the dead came back to life we could make this place seem like it's ever had an ounce of worth. I'm not waiting around to watch us fall to the ground. I'm wide awake, you're wasted, and we're wasting away. There's no room for improvement when you're buried in sand. I'm getting reckless, so fucking restless.
Track Name: Condition Oakland (Jawbreaker Cover)
I rode down to the tracks
thinking that they might sing to me
but they just stared back
broken trainless and black as night
climbed out on to my roof
so I'd be a poet in the night
beat the walls off my room
I saw the big room that is this life
this is my condition
naked and hysterical
reaching to grab a hand that I just slapped back at
this is my condition
desperate, alone, without an excuse
I tried to explain,
Christ what's the use?
read and I felt so small
some words keep speaking when you close the book
drank and just about smiled
then I remembered us in that bed
put my ear to the door
I just heard hot rods and gunshots and sirens
people kill me these days
there's keys in their eyes but they lock from the inside